Before I start, I apologise....RANT ALERT. 

Is it not fair to expect our leaders to be the custodians of good leadership principles?

Seriously, is it really that naïve to expect honesty, integrity, fairness and a smidge of emotional intelligence from the people in charge...

February 13, 2018

That's right!  As it's Valentines day tomorrow all new customers can secure 60% off of any of our workshops just by letting us know you're interested!

Our Workshops include:-

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Development

  • Management Training

  • Stress Han...

May 24, 2017

Ever wondered what the Human Resources Departments ‘WHY’ is?  

Many believe it is to eradicate organisational disharmony and so, paradoxically, if you succeed, you do yourself out of a job.

In the picture above, each big arrow represents a whole organisation.

The smaller...

May 19, 2017

The ‘Before, During and After’ Series

Power up your team's performance before the summer holidays by booking them onto any or all of the following one-day workshops (there’s a further discount for running all four!)

• Leading and Motivating Teams

• Improving Communication...

May 10, 2017

I don't know about you, but it seems to me there are possibly more personal trainers, performance coaches, business mentors, wisdom-guru's and goodness knows how many 'industry-experts' out there willing to tell you what to do to improve than there are people to help!


May 10, 2017

Even with the worries, stresses and strains we have to endure through our lives, I've come to realise there is little point meeting them with a heavy heart. 

What good does it do?

Sure, it's natural to move through the emotional curve of change and, of course, we all sli...

April 10, 2017

Push ups make you stronger, healthier and improve your physique.

Anyone can do one - even if you have to start with your knees touching the ground to begin with.

After a week with knees touching the ground, most people can move to a full one, then two and so on.

It's call...

April 7, 2017

Plenty can be done to help you worry less...

...but first you must ask the question, "WHAT CAN BE DONE?"


Because you get more of what you focus on.

If you focus on the worry, it becomes bigger.

If you focus on what 'won't work' you'll convince yourself the problem is u...

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