Leadership and Management
Let it Go! - Delegate to Assist, Motivate and Empower your Team
New to Management, Core Competencies for Success
Developing Leadership Skills, That People Will Want to Follow 
The Coach Approach to Developing Your Team
Remote Working - Leading a Virtual Team
Enhanced People Management Skills Vital for Successful Team Leadership
Effective Facilitation Skills for Managers and Leaders
Motivate to Achieve the Right Results for Everyone
Management & Leadership, How Developing Others, Helps you!
Adapting your Management and Leadership Style to Achieve Results in Any Given Situation 
Understanding and Activating Change to Stay Ahead 
Managers Guide to HR Responsibilities
Recognising and Managing Poor Performance 
Strategic Change Management
Personal Impact and Effectiveness
Communicate with Confidence, the Core Skills 
Effective Communication, Techniques for Success 
The Psychology of Effective Communication 
Network like a Pro and Build Meaningful Relationships that Last
Professional English for Business 
Advanced Business Writing Skills
Professional Report Writing Made Easy
Writing for Business the Key Principles for Success 
Successful Editing Skills for Business 
Professional Email Writing for Business
Proofread like a Professional
The Art of Speaking and Presenting Made Easy
Presentation Delivery, Make an Impact 
Presentation Skills, Reflect, Refine and Perfect
Public Speaking, Stand Out and Be Heard!
Core Negotiation Skills for Professionals
Advanced Negotiation Skills for Business Leaders
Effective Persuasion Skills to Increase Influence
Using Positive Persuasion To Motivate Decision Making
Asserting Influence to Achieve When You have No Authority
Implementing "Mindful Meeting" Practices to Alleviate Wasted Resources
Essential Skills for Effective Meetings
Assertiveness in the Workplace
Conducting Professional Interviews
Developing Recall to Aide Efficiency
Analysing Behaviour to Improve Team Cohesion 
Find your Emotional Intelligence! -  Develop Self-Awareness and Improve Relationships 
Leverage your Emotional Intelligence to Understand Others and Increase Business Effectiveness 
Manage Hierarchy to Achieve Business Goals 
Building Productive Relationships, When Opposites Don't Always Attract!
Effective Feedback - Its Give and Take!
Develop Your Interpersonal Skills to Improve Relationships 
Harnessing the Differences in your Team to Achieve MORE!
Managing Emotions When Dealing With Difficult or Challenging Situations
Real Talk! - Handling Critical or Difficult Conversations
Dealing with Anger and Aggressive Behaviour in the Workplace
When Conflict Turns Toxic - Understand, Minimise and Neutralise Conflict to Foster Healthy Relationships
Creative Solutions for Problem Solving, the Innovative Way
Creative Solutions for Problem Solving, the Innovative Way
Dealing with Pressure and Conflicting Priorities Within the Workplace
Managing the Cause and Effect of Stress in the Workplace 
Choose Your Attitude, Using Positive Psychology at Work
Sales, B2B Lead Generation in the 21st Century 
Introduction to Sales 
Successful Sales Negotiation
Addressing your Customers Needs, The Consultative Sales Process 
You Are Who You Know, Generating Sales through Networking 
The Strategic Approach to Selling
Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Sales Team
PA, Secretary and Administration
Front of House, Presenting Your Corporate Image!
Know Your Stuff! - Commercial and Business Awareness, Understanding the Business You Are In!
Microsoft Office Outlook Hacks!
The Role of the Project Administrator
HR and Training
The Recruitment Process, and why its important to get it right
Reviewing Your Team
Understanding the Role & Responsibilities of Human Resources
Championing Cultural Awareness and Diversity in the Workplace
Effective Mentoring Skills and Competencies
Nurturing your Talent Pool, to Plan for the Future
Customer Service
Customer Service, Pushing for Next Level Excellence
Customer Service Fundamentals
Customer Service within Today's Tech Obsessed World  
Customer Service, Motivating and Leading your Team
Customer Service, Creating Your Customer Journey
Customer Service, Complaint Handling and Customer Retention
Project Management
Core Skills for Project Management: The "Goal Focused Project Delivery" (GFPD) approach
Project Management: The Fundamentals for Success
People Management within Project Management
The Role of the Project Coordinator
Train the Trainer