Cultural Development

"Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for Life"


In other words, organisational leaders can try to impose or directly influence their organisational culture but the surest, most sustainable way to achieve a healthy, blame-free, collaborative culture focused on continuous improvement is to involve the people in that organisation to develop a value-set and resultant culture they truly believe in.


Building on the information gained at your free consultation hour, I provide my follow-on services in blocks of 4 hours in order to deliver best value for money.

There are four distinct Cultural Development blocks:-


Workshop Format

Assess Your Organisational Culture

Initial analysis of your three cultural 'teams' will enable me to highlight your specific cultural development requirements. During this searingly honest session, I focus separately on your Leadership Team, your Management Team and your Operational (or Front-Line) Team to identify the cultural 'health' of each team. Unless all three are united around a common culture, rifts, conflict, dissatisfaction and high staff turnover will prevail. Issues within any of these teams can be resolved with professional help.

Experiential Learning Format

Develop Your Leadership Team

It is said you can judge whether you're a good leader by whether people follow you but what if they follow out of fear? People perform at their best when they feel motivated, energised, inspired and engaged. Carrot and Stick have their place but there is far more to it than just that. This 4 hour block helps you understand what  your Leadership Team needs to do to earn the respect, hearts and minds of your people. 

Engaging and Practical Classroom Format

Sharpen Your Managerial Team

Countless studies reveal that People Management skills are often the skills that people are supposed to just 'get'. With painful consistency, time and again, people are promoted into managerial roles without adequate training and become so-called 'Accidental Managers' (they were good at a role so they were made the manager of the department). This Block is designed to provide an invaluable introduction to the most important aspects of People Management for existing and soon-to-be managers alike.

Immersive development sessions

Power-Up Your Operational Team

Engaged employees are proven to be more productive than dis-engaged ones. The commercial evidence is now proven and established. 'Team Bonding' is different from 'Team Building' and both are sticking plasters if deeper organisational issues are left unaddressed. This Block is specifically for leadership and management teams to understand the full scope of interventions that can be used to engage and inspire your Operational Team to achieve more than you or they think is humanly possible.   

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