Operational Improvement

Operational excellence is only ever temporary unless a culture of 'Continuous Improvement' is established. Whilst developing such a culture is crucial to all organisations in the 21st Century, it takes time. If you want to speed this process up, I can help through a combination of interactive workshops, immersive consultation sessions and targeted coaching services. 


Building on the information gained at your free consultation hour, I provide my follow-on services in blocks of 4 hours in order to deliver best value for money.

There are three distinct Operational Improvement blocks available:-


Block 1 | Up to 4 hours

Identify Improvement Areas

With over 30 years in business and a wealth of experience across private, public and charity sectors, I have developed the commercial skill to quickly analyse the route cause(s) of business issues that you may be too close to the coal face to see. This Initial workshop helps you step back and correctly identify the highest priority areas for improvement, the degree of improvement required and the time-frame over which it will be made.  

Block 2 | Up to 4 hours

Plan For Improvement

'To fail to plan is to plan to fail'. This facilitated brainstorming and project planning session allows you to focus clearly on the specific actions that need to be undertaken for the required operational improvements to be achieved. Understanding the difference between effective and efficient operation is key to this motivational session. 

Block 3 | Up to 4 hours

Reflect, Review and Re-energise

You may be aware of the classic 'Plan-Do-Review' cycle but surprisingly it is often overlooked by organisations in their drive for action and results. This Block is dedicated to deliberately stopping for a moment and taking a short time out to consider improvement progress. This has the profoundly re-energising effect of refocusing the mind on what needs doing most to either push forward as is or change direction to get things back on track. 

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