"My experience of working with Contigo Associates was that they truly sought to understand what my organisational challenges were before offering excellent, experienced advice and guidance with a sound, common-sense approach." 

 Peter - Pharmaceutical Industry - November 2020


To help you understand how our experienced consultants may benefit you, we've outlined a handful of projects they have been involved in over the past 10 years. We have over 30 years experience of working in and consulting to organisations of all sizes from global corporate companies to small to medium sized organisations.

A small financial services company was slogging away to achieve incremental growth year on year until it realised it needed to inspire its people with a greater purpose. It involved its employees in a company re-brand then targeted and won acclaimed success and prestigious awards. The journey ignited the imagination, motivation and pride in the employees which saw them deliver unprecedented performance and a step change in the success of the business. 


An NHS Trust recognised budget cuts and increasing patient demands on resources would need more to be achieved with less. By training the management team in enhanced leadership skills, employees found themselves united and engaged in various operational improvement projects which helped eradicate waste and strive for continuous improvements across the Trust resulting in recognition for being one of the leading UK NHS Trusts.  



A national FMCG company needed to close an outdated, under-productive factory in the North and move production into an under-utitlised cutting-edge facility in the Midlands. By engaging the workforce in understanding the commercial realities of the situation and inviting them to become involved in planning the amalgamation of the sites, no forced redundancies were needed and productivity rose by 8% over the closure period.



'Management speak' may be off-putting to many but understanding the difference between vision, mission, objectives, culture and organisational purpose is key to building an inspired organisation.

A management training company that spent time understanding it's 'WHY' and then engaged its employees to create their own value set as a behavioural compass doubled in size three years running and ran an impressive 100% client retention rate.