We've been treated like monkeys!

You're a monkey! Well, a chimp to be precise.

Well, part chimp, anyhow, if you believe Dr. Stephen Peters.

In his book, 'The Chimp Paradox', Dr. Peters says that your brain is broadly divided into two parts:-

1. Your Chimp Brain - the old part (many thousands of years in the making)

2. Your Human Brain - the new part (only a few thousand years old)

Your chimp helped your ancestors survive Neanderthal times when you were actually more chimp-like. It is instinctive, drives your behaviour and is not particularly analytical or interested in language.

Your human brain, on the other hand, is more rational, logical, calm and chooses your language. Note:- It is your human brain that exercises responsive, not reactionary choice.

Anyone throwing their toys out of the pram is allowing their chimp to rule them. Any calm, considered person choosing to speak in a measured, rational way is using their human brain.

Although your chimp can be helpful, it can sometimes act a bit - well, chimp-like and hinder you. Dr. Peters believes you can learn how to use your human brain to manage your chimp brain so it doesn't hijack you and, in doing so, you take control of your behaviour - which is the key to success. (BTW - Sir Chris Hoy accredits winning his Olympic Gold Medals to this thinking!).

Think about Mr Trump. Yes, I know it's more complicated than I'm about to make out but Mr Trump used the right language to speak to America's inner chimp and I think this played a major part in his presidential victory.

"Let's make America great again" may be detail-light, but it totally speaks to our inner chimp, encouraging national survival.

This idea is totally reinforced by this video - WATCH IT!

If you are in a leadership position, it is IMHO the best 18 minutes you will ever watch.

Simon Sinek nails why great leaders start with WHY - it's because it inspires behaviour, united action to achieve a common purpose.

When you've watched it, ask yourself this question - Do you do that at work?

Seriously, do you inspire united action to achieve a common purpose?

Score yourself out of 10.

If you're not a 10, call me for a free exploratory coaching session to see how I work.

I guarantee you'll be inspired.

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