Plenty can be done to help you worry less...

...but first you must ask the question, "WHAT CAN BE DONE?"


Because you get more of what you focus on.

If you focus on the worry, it becomes bigger.

If you focus on what 'won't work' you'll convince yourself the problem is unsolvable.


No matter how small or insignificant, all journeys start with a single step.

Even if that step is, "I'm going to sleep on it and decide how to fix it in the morning".

Your world of work is full of things to worry about, isn't it?

Looming deadlines, lack of sales, impossible targets, complaints, under-performance, awkward customers, the boss, etc...the list goes on, right?

That's why you're still reading this. YOU NEED TO WORRY LESS. BUT HOW?

1. Focus on the right things.

Don't focus on worrying less. It's really hard to achieve a negatively phrased goal.

Better to focus on what CAN be done. For example, try to focus on watching less telly and you will probably fail but focus on going for a 20 minute stroll after dinner every night and you are more likely to succeed.

Simple but true.

2. Plan your work and work your plan.

Yes, it's an old one, and it's a good one but I prefer this - "To fail to plan is to plan to fail."

Join us on 4th May at Hintlesham Hall to plan your way to success and away from worry.

3. Know - Do - Be

In other words, learn how to plan what to do to win.

So, if you need to worry less, this is what can be done...

JOIN US ON 4th May - Hintlesham Hall - £299+VAT

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Don't delay - BOOK NOW and stop worrying!

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