No one can do your push ups for you

Push ups make you stronger, healthier and improve your physique.

Anyone can do one - even if you have to start with your knees touching the ground to begin with.

After a week with knees touching the ground, most people can move to a full one, then two and so on.

It's called progression.

If it's that easy to make progress, why don't we continually do it? Why do we get stuck in a rut?

Dr Stephen Peters says it's because we get hijacked by our brains. We're all built the same - hardwired to a 'chimp-brain' that prefers to just survive than progress.

This is why many people employ sports coaches. They spur them on and give them expert advice on techniques so they don't hurt themselves and gain maximum benefit from their efforts.

How is this relevant to your organisation?

I'm no sports coach. I'm a business coach where 'push-ups' in a business sense are about progression too.

Here are some 'Business Push Ups' :-

  • Take time out to work ON, not just IN your buinsess

  • Make time to take a step back and properly connect with your core purpose

  • Analyse your market, stakeholders and customers

  • Use this analysis to refresh your business plan so it inspires you - at least annually

  • Develop a culture of engagement among your employees (whether you have 1 or 1,000)

  • Involve them in continuous improvement work to shape your business for success

  • Maximise 4 business strategies:- Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and Financial.

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate

  • Celebrate your business successes openly, the small, the sublime, make a song and dance!

Doing more physical press-ups builds your body.

Embarking on a business coaching relationship helps you build your business with a friendly nudge in the right direction when you become distracted and that is easily done when you have so much to focus on.

Do one of these two things:-

1. Email to arrange a free discovery call. No charge, no obligation, just a exploration of what you need.


2. Join us at Hintlesham Hall on 4th May 2017 for a one-day workshop like no other.

Sometimes businesses need help - Contigo is with you.

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