A message of hope...

Even with the worries, stresses and strains we have to endure through our lives, I've come to realise there is little point meeting them with a heavy heart.

What good does it do?

Sure, it's natural to move through the emotional curve of change and, of course, we all slip back along it from time to time.

However, when you've stared into the abyss for a while, and not died, you have to wonder, 'why worry?'

When you get to this point, what then happens, I've discovered, is one of life's miracles.

After a while, the situation starts to feel normal and panic visits less often.

The worry, stress and strain is replaced with something far more valuable.

Resignation? A bit, hopelessness? Nope.

What I've discovered through many personal experiences (too many to recount here) is that acceptance of the 'new normal' arrives and brings with it an uncanny feeling of happiness as you begin to figure out how to improve your situation from that new point.

I don't mean happiness in a Lol way - Nor do I mean in a happy-clappy and irritatingly cheerful way.

I mean content. Calm. Relaxed. That happy.

It's not materialistic. It doesn't want for very much at all, actually.

It just is - and it feels like a huge relief compared with the worry, stress and strain experienced beforehand.

Now for the useful bit of this post - and if you use it, it would be nice to hear your feedback and how you get on.

There's a 3-step method to getting there - and it's really simple to use.

Try it if you're worried.

1. Think Dr. Pepper - Ask yourself, what's the worst that can happen? Go deep, be brave and visualise the worst is here now. (Try not to freak out!)

2. Accept that worst case scenario as if it is real. Say, 'Ok, so - it has happened - I am here and it is reality'. Imagine yourself there. Accept it.

3. Now the empowering part.

Given you are now there - ask yourself what you can do to improve on that worst case. I promise you, anything practical you come up with will feel like novacaine for the soul.

Try it - let me know how you get on.

Have a good day


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