Don't Miss This Pre-Summer Soft Skills Training SALE!!!

The ‘Before, During and After’ Series

Power up your team's performance before the summer holidays by booking them onto any or all of the following one-day workshops (there’s a further discount for running all four!)

• Leading and Motivating Teams

• Improving Communications

• Practicing Coaching Skills

• Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Each workshop is broken into three 2-hour sessions looking at how to prepare for (before), react (during) and respond to (after) the title of the workshop.

So for example on the ‘Managing Conflict in the Workplace’ workshop, we will explore:-

1. How to prepare for conflict in the workplace and learn how to sense it whilst it is still at the latent stage.

2. How to react to conflict when it erupts – how to

professionally control situations, not exacerbate them.

3. How to respond to the conflict in the aftermath to reconcile differences and build harmonious relationships again.


Classroom Training with a difference:-

Your fully CIPD-qualified trainer has over 25 years of training experience to make your workshop inspirational, memorable and effective. How?

• By having an ‘ego-less’ trainer - the content should be more memorable than the trainer

• By understanding the audience level of current knowledge, skill and behaviour

• By keeping a high pace – fun, light, upbeat and engaging

• By appealing to a revolving mix of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic senses

• By appreciating all four learning styles in design and delivery

• By ensuring regular experiential activities and use of questions to draw discovery learning


• By regularly checking value is being derived

• By making content real and applicable in the workplace

• By encouraging actions to be implemented after the workshop

• By providing complimentary coaching to ensure the learning embeds post workshop


Pre-Summer Sale

Book any of these one-day workshops by 30th June and pay just half the normal day rate – That’s a full day’s training for groups of 6-20 people for just £625+VAT!

Courses can be run in-house or at an external venue*.

*(venue costs not included)

Buy all four and only pay for three of them!

Yes, really! That's 4 days training for less than £2,000+VAT...

...but you need to act soon - Summer's approaching!!

HR professionals tend to only try a new training provider for one of two reasons;

1. The existing provider fails or

2. The new provider introduces a low-risk way to discover how

to raise the bar on current training methods.

Book now to discover how we can help you up your game.

To discuss specific course content and / or tailor the content to your organisation, email: or feel free to call for a no-obligation exploratory conversation on 07850 111699.

"Train your people so they can leave, treat them well so they don't want to." Sir Richard Branson

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