The 12 Priorities of a Successful Organisation

If you work in an organisation, you probably want it to be successful. After all, if your organisation is thriving, your customers are probably well served, employee motivation is likely to be positive and your sense of security and wellbeing there might well be very good.

On the flipside, if you work for an organisation that is failing, you probably feel different emotions that may range from irritation and frustration to anxiety and stress. The thing is, organisations that fail don’t tend to do so overnight, so these emotions often build gradually.

The boiled frog fable springs to mind. That is, if you put a frog in a pot of hot water, it jumps out immediately. However, put it in cool water and gradually turn up the heat to boiling point, it doesn’t realise it is getting hotter and sits quietly while it boils alive. A disgusting thought maybe, but less so than the reality of humans being made ill, or worse from the stress and anxiety of working within failing organisations.

There’s an old saying, ‘People join organisations and leave poor managers’. The truth is, poor management is only part of the problem in a failing organisation.

Join us at our business breakfast on Friday 3rd April 2020 in Nottingham where we will share a summary of the 12 Priorities of Successful Organisations, outlining each priority with an overview of the upside of taking care of it and the downside of ignoring it.

12 Priorities of a Successful Organisation

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