Strategic Consulting

Building on the information gained at your free consultation hour, I provide my follow-on services in blocks of 4 hours in order to deliver best value for money.

There are three distinct Strategic Consulting blocks:-

Session 1

Create Inspirational Vision

Nail the words that express your organisation's core purpose, encompass the energy and belief you have in it...and everything else flows from it. If you want help to understand how to create a rock-solid vision statement, I’m happy to run this profoundly insightful workshop at a venue of your choice.

Session 2

Set Firm Strategic Foundations

Guided internal and external analysis of your organisation and its market will allow you to decide how, in principle, you wish to move towards realising your organisational vision. This enlightening session draws out the commercial challenges and opportunities in your world so you can plan to thrive and succeed with confidence.

Session 3

Build Your 3-5 year Strategic Plan

One of the most inspiring and motivating leadership experiences is to create a practical 3-5 year strategic plan that you literally roll up and take back to your workplace at the end of the session to bring your dreams for your workplace alive. 

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